Handbook For Survival
Saving Lives During Radiation Release
  and Other Disasters

About the Book

This book provides the rationale for, and necessary life-saving information for, preparing the general member of the public for personal and family survival. It also gives recommendations for “top leaders” of government agencies and emergency response organizations to enhance their abilities to protect the public or reduce effects from weapons of mass destruction or efflents from nuclear or chemical accidents. The emphasis in this book is to provide the simplest information and rules of thumb for early actions in the seconds, minutes, and early hours after an attack, before the limited number of scientists are able to assess extents of damage and exposure, and before the limited number of responders will be able to assist individual families and members of the public. The book also explains how the public has been subjected to exaggerations of low-level exposures, provides information on radiation risks versus dose, and recommends public education that would prevent unwarranted panic in the vast areas that might be contaminated at lower levels that do not pose significant risks. Early projections of risks of radiation from the Japanese Fukushima nuclear reactors are included. The book is divided into the following chapter and appendix headings:
Chapter 1 - An Unpleasant Truth
Chapter 2 - Why Prepare Yourself for Personal and Family Protection
Chapter 3 - A Few New Words to Remember
Chapter 4 - Some Basic Information About Radiation Risks
Chapter 5 - Basic Information about WMD That Can Save Life
Chapter 6 - Actions for Those Who Do Not Want to Bother with Much
Chapter 7 - Additional Preparations Before an Attack That Would Reduce
Chapter 8 - The Importance of Wearing Self-Reading Pocket Exposure
Monitors (or “Pocket Dosimeters”)
Chapter 9 - Summary of Life Saving Actions for Laymen and Leaders
Appendix A – More Word Definitions and Concepts for Further Reading
Appendix B – A Reprint of Presentations Given In Early Civil Defense Training
Appendix C – Poster: Actions That You, The Public, Can Take for Protection in a
Terrorist Attack
Appendix D – A Sample of Ted Rockwell’s Socratic Answers to Radiation Myths
Appendix E – Summary of Problems with the New SI Units in Regard to USA
Homeland Security
Appendix F – List of Companies Selling Instruments and Protective Equipment Which Can Be Helpful in Personal Preparations
Appendix G– Copies of Purchasing and Specification Information for Self-
Indicating Colorimetric Personal Monitors
Appendix H – Department of Homeland Security Planning Guidance
Appendix I – Late Breaking News
About the Author
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